Sunday, February 9, 2014

#40 / Rain!!!

On last Thursday morning, I woke to find that it was raining in Santa Cruz. Rain!!! There was water coming off my roof, something that hasn't happened for quite awhile. The picture to the right shows what it looked like in my backyard last Thursday. A picture today would show even more water.

Our current drought might be helpful in one way. Maybe it will convince us, for a time, that we are, as I like to point out, ultimately dependent on the World of Nature, which we do not create. 

We are famously able to create new realities of all kinds, including even "virtual" realities, spun from pure imagination. 

In the end, however, everything we do in the world we create depends on the World of Nature. It's nice to be reminded. 

The picture below is of my side yard in a different year. Same point!

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  1. It is very nice to have some real rain! The mid-summer in January weather we have been having has seemed spooky to me. But, lest we forget, we are far from out of the drought!


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