Monday, January 20, 2014

#20 / Request

I used to want a monument
Now, not so much
Some edifice with my name affixed
Some stone upon the grass
Some marker in my memory
Something to say …
(Kilroy was here)

Now, my beloved children
I have a different thought
Scatter my ashes when I am gone
(Ashes to ashes; dust to dust)

Go somewhere North of Davenport
Somewhere with organic strawberries
And a sight of the sea
(No oil rigs to be seen!)
Leave some memory of me there

On Lighthouse Field
There, too
The last remaining open space
Along the coast
Within the City
To remind us how it used to be
I hope that Field will still be there
Open and undeveloped
For all the people of this state
As the people of our city wanted

In the redwoods
On Wildwood
In loving memory
Of my Mom and Dad

On the open fields above New Brighton Beach
Not too many people know what role I played

On one of the fertile farm fields
Of the Pajaro Valley
I am hoping there will still be water
For the crops they grow

If there are a few scant ashes left, here’s another short trip for you to take
I wouldn’t object to see the last of my ashes released across two rivers
The Pajaro and the Salinas
In Monterey County
On Marks Ranch
There, there are no subdivisions carved into the hills
As was proposed
And there is quite a nice view from the top

I used to want a monument
But now I have a different thought

The Human Empire is so proud of what it has built and done
And there is much to be proud of, no doubt of that
But we should be proud, as well
Of what we leave untouched
Where the World of Nature
That gives us life … 


  1. sigh. goosebumps and tears. Beautiful. But please don't leave me real soon.

  2. Wow, Dad, pretty intense! Another great thing to read at your funeral. Still more fields to save, however.


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