Sunday, December 22, 2013

#356 / The Pfeiffer Ridge Fire

Keith Vandevere, writing in Xasáuan Today about the horrific fire on Pfeiffer Ridge in Big Sur, in which 34 homes were lost, ended his reflections this way: 

All human works are impermanent. Memories too. Perhaps if we let the fire remind us of the wonder and miracle of our ephemeral existence, we can gain something truly valuable from it.
These are true words indeed. 

Keith added: Please make donations to help those who have lost their homes through this local site.

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  1. I think nature catching fire and burning down people's homes is a sad reminder that our "human world" is inseparable from the "natural world". They are one in the same.

    The flame knows not a support beam from a fallen tree.

    There is one world indeed.


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