Sunday, October 20, 2013

#293 / Wallace

Henry Wallace served as Secretary of Agriculture under President Franklin Roosevelt, and he served as Vice President during Roosevelt's third term. 

In 1936, Wallace wrote these words: "Probably the most damaging indictment that can be made of the capitalistic system is the way in which its emphasis on unfettered individualism results in exploitation of natural resources in a manner to destroy the physical foundations of national longevity."

The October 14, 2013 edition of The New Yorker has an article on Wallace, from which I took this quote. I certainly recommend the article, which was written by Alex Ross, who is actually best known for his music criticism, rather than his political criticism. 

Given the themes I pursue in this Two Worlds blog, and on the basis of what he says in the quotation above, I am naming Wallace as co-editor (posthumously).

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  1. Thanks Gary. On the basis of that quote alone (not to mention your recommendation) I will look up this article!

  2. I was pretty blown away by the quote. Things haven't changed that much, in terms of the basic philosophies competing for our allegience. At least so it seems. Best to you, Jessica.


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