Saturday, July 20, 2013

#201 / Saving The World

I have occasionally been criticized by friends - and perhaps somewhat justifiably - for thinking that I am personally responsible for "saving the world."

"Give it a rest" is more or less the message I get. 

Clearly, I am no more personally responsible for "saving the world" than anyone else. I do want to make clear, however, that I don't think that any of us is responsible for saving the Natural World, or "saving the planet." The illustration above, in other words, gets it backwards. At least, that's my opinion.

We are responsible for the human world that we have created. Our human world is sometimes called "civilization." It is a uniquely human creation, and it is a "political" creation. Maintaining that world is our responsibility, both individually and collectively. 

As for the Natural World, we can only hope that it continues to save us!

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  1. We are not responsible for saving the world. The world doesn't need saving, can't be saved and probably doesn't care one way or another.

    What we can do is to stop destroying that part of the world we inhabit, each one of us, individually, every day.


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