Sunday, May 19, 2013

#139 / Upworthy

video I saw recently, deemed "upworthy" by the website that bears that name, is a nineteen minute commentary by men and women who have seen Earth from space. 

It changes you, they said,
To see our Earth from space.
From where you watch, up there,
It seems a different kind of place.

A powerful new realization that our planet is both finite and fragile is a common theme. Also, that  the Earth is precious, rare, and unparalleled in all the creation visible from the highest point from which our human eyes have ever looked.

The Earth, said one astronaut, is "like this beautiful oasis out in the middle of nothingness; an oasis against the backdrop of infinity."

This beautiful but fragile world, singular in space, is what sustains everything we do; what we have done, and all our hopes. 

It is an "upworthy" video and an uplifting one. 


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