Wednesday, April 24, 2013

#114 / PAC Deficient?

In These Times magazine, whose online masthead reads, "With Liberty and Justice For All...," provides reliable, monthly coverage of progressive politics. 

In the April edition of In These Times, the magazine ran a story on the Congressional Progressive Caucus ("Taking A Stand Against Cuts"). That article was singled out for praise in the "Letters" column of the May edition. The letter from the reader in Shoreline, Washington, praising the April article, went beyond a simple appreciation. His lament was as follows: "Given the problems ... in getting progressives elected, why isn't there a PAC allied with [the Congressional Progressive Caucus]?

Somehow, I don't think that political progressives will ever be able to out fundraise the corporate plutocracy that runs our nation, and I am not convinced that this is where progressives should be placing their main focus. Progressives do need to invest their treasure where their heart is, but I think we actually are going to have to develop a "new kind of politics," a politics that finds a way to win without relying on money as the main way forward. 

If money and PAC success is what it takes, we progressives are out of luck.

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