Saturday, January 26, 2013

#26 / The Social Graph

Larry Magid has written a column arguing that Facebook's new "social graph" tool can "open up the network." I think he is persuasive.

In fact, maybe this new Facebook tool (not yet generally available, but on the way) is a "tool we can use" for a new kind of politics. As I have said before, I am convinced that our existence is essentially collective in nature. A key question is whether we find the tools to deploy our collective wisdom and collective power to recalibrate and recreate the reality we have managed to construct to date.

Stand by.

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  1. Gary. As an unbiased reporter of an Internationally recognized scandaol sheet, I ask you the followng questions.
    1. Will you use your influence to help the homeles folks in Chinatown? (yes) (no) (No opinion

    2. We the peaceful folks here are planning a non violent takeover of City Hall like happened in Santa cruz. Will you help? (yes) (no) Opinion)

    3. We feel that the present political thinking is in the toilet.Do you agree? (yes) (no) No Opinion

    Dr. Patton PHD Azusa Pacific University..

  2. Dear Thomas Patton:

    I am not aware of your scandal sheet, and am not aware of the situation of the homeless folks in Chinatown (I presume Chinatown in San Francisco?). I assume that the situation is bad, but since I am not aware of what kind of help you think I could help provoke with my "influence," which is not much in San Francisco (not much even in Santa Cruz, actually), I guess I have no opinion at this time.

    On your second question, I again am not aware of what is being planned. I doubt that I would become involved in protests based in San Francisco, if that is what is being talked about. Guess I have no opinion.

    As for the third question, there is a lot of "present political thinking" that I don't really like. But then there is some I do. So, without more specifics: no opinion.

    Your connection with Azusa Pacific University, which I gather is in Southern California, may mean you are not talking about San Francisco at all. But I don't think that changes my "no opinion" answers.

    Best wishes and good luck.


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