Tuesday, January 15, 2013

#15 / Three Worlds

"Three worlds" an hommage to Escher
My postings in this Two Worlds blog focus, for the most part, on interactions between the World of Nature, which we did not and do not create, and the "human" or "political" world that we do create, and that we most immediately inhabit. 

I continue to think that it is helpful to keep these "two worlds" in mind as we confront the opportunities and the challenges inherent in being alive, and as we consider what I often call the Stockdale questions: who am I and what am I doing here? 

It is helpful not to get confused by what we can do in "our" world, our "political" world (anything is possible) and what we can do in the World of Nature, which ultimately supports all life, and which imposes constraints that are absolute, though we constantly try to pretend they aren't. 

All that said, and not repudiating a word I've spoken in favor of this "two worlds hypothesis," I do want to confess that I am aware that there is also some kind of "third dimension," a "third world," a world of the spirit, something that encompasses and surrounds both the World of Nature and the human world.

Blessed are we when we feel its presence.

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