Wednesday, December 12, 2012

#346 / 12-12-12
The Mayan "long count" calendar seems to suggest that the end of the world will occur on December 21, 2012. Or not. 

Scientists at NASA say "not." They say that 12-21-12 is just going to mark another Winter solstice. If the scientists are wrong, we will know about that soon enough!

But what about 12-12-12? That's today! Surely 12-12-12 must also be a date to draw to?  

I had never really thought about any special significance that might go along with the 12, 12, 12 repetition until yesterday. But then I did. I just knew that someone had to think that today's date has some special significance. When I asked Google, I found out that this is indeed true. There are some people who do think that today's date (12/12/12) is quite an important one. For instance, consider the following prediction, printed under the picture I have posted above (Pinnacle Mountain, in Arkansas):

Greetings Masters ! I am Metatron, Lord of Light and I embrace you in a vector of Unconditional Love. A Love that you will soon be able to experience more vividly for the Ascension is nigh. We are joined in this channel by Ra-Tybronn of the Pleiades, an Ascended Master of Crystalline Service, the root oversoul of the channel, who experienced service to the planet among the Law of One. Ra-Tybronn is of the Family of Thoth & Enoch. Both of Metatronic source.
Dear Ones, what you term the Ascension can be defined as the transition to Crystalline dimensional expansion. The final completions within the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas are extremely important to the Crystalline Transition of the Earth. And the crystalline transition is tantamount to the 2012 Ascension. On the 12-12-12 the Crystallization of the planet will complete.
In a very real sense what occurs on the 12-12-12 is the Ascension, and what takes place on December 21, 2012 is the Initial Birthing Solstice of the New Earth. That is because the ‘mechanics’ of the actual ascending process (that enables the Ascension) occurs on the 12-12-12.
Accordingly it is what happens on December 12, 2012 that finalizes the activations and network-connections of all the Master Crystals, Crystalline Fields, Grid Points, Power Nodes, & Vortexial-Portal Sites to the Crysto-Sun Disc and 144 Grid.
On the 12-12-12, for the first time, all of these crucial aspects combine, network and tie into the completed 144 Crystalline Grid. At precisely 12:12 pm from the Crystal Vortex, will the ascending energy merge and be tangibly felt. All will tie initially into the Crysto Sun Disc of Pinnacle Mountain located in the largest strata of Crystal on your planet, and then connect to the grid.

The more I think about it, the more I am betting that the NASA scientists probably have it right, and that none of us should be expecting big changes on December 21st, just one week from next Friday.

Let's talk on Saturday the 22nd!

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