Thursday, November 22, 2012

#326 / Thanksgiving Blessings
The tradition in my family is for our little band of parents and children (and now grandchildren) to take a hike in nature each Thanksgiving Day. I don't remember when we started doing that, and I don't believe that there was ever a specifically "philosophical" purpose in mind. However, there is no doubt that the tradition does help reinforce a recognition that the blessings of this life come, ultimately, not from our own efforts, but as gifts given to us from a world that we did not create. 

I am happy to report, this Thanksgiving, that salmon have returned to the San Joaquin River, after 62 years. You can read about this "miracle" of restoration by clicking right here

When we begin to think that we may have pushed our own projects so far that there is no returning to a right relationship between the human world and the World of Nature, when we despair of what we have done, the story of the salmon and the San Joaquin can give us hope. 

A Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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