Tuesday, November 20, 2012

#324 / Walkable

Despite the evolution of our powers and the ever greater technologies we command, we continue to be "creatures," living within a Natural World upon which we are ultimately dependent.

We forget that so easily. 

We are most impressed with ourselves, and what we can do. We come to believe, without really thinking about it, that the world depends on us, instead of the opposite.

It is an easy mistake, and a dangerous delusion. We do make our own world, of course (that can't be denied), and we live ever more within that world, the world we make, as opposed to the World of Nature.

When we forget that we are ultimately dependent on the World of Nature, we put all our human enterprises in peril. That is our situation now. Thus, any recognition, however slight, that we might remember our real situation, is room for hope.

The Legal Planet blog reported on Sunday that the real estate market is now valuing "walkable" communities:

“Walkable” is a feature sparking sales and energizing future development and redevelopment, according to a recent report by a George Washington University professor that calls the Washington area a national model for compact urban areas where residents can live and work without cars.

“The strongest housing market is in walkable urban areas,” says Christopher B. Leinberger, author of the report, “DC: The WalkUP Wake-Up Call.” “That’s where the demand is.”

This is a small bit of good news, in my opinion. In Spanish, you can ask someone, "how are you doing?" by asking them "how are you walking?"

Good question. More walking is better!

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