Friday, October 26, 2012

#299 / An Elkhorn Slough Celebration

Many different groups in the Central Coast Region are dedicated to the protection and defense of the Natural World - the world that ultimately sustains all life, including our own. Our human powers are great, and we depend upon them greatly, and so it is easy to forget that no matter how great our powers, we are ultimately creatures here on an Earth that we did not create ourselves. Ultimately, we must learn to live within the limits of the Natural World.

Many land use policy debates (debates about water policy come to mind) are really discussions about how we propose to confront (or perhaps attempt to defy) the limits of the natural resources that are essential for all life. The “desal” debate going on around the Monterey Bay is a great example. Do we live within the limits of the fresh water resources that Nature has provided, or do we seek to “manufacture” fresh water to support growth and development?  

The Elkhorn Slough Foundation is local group that attempts to remind us of our dependence on the Natural World. It will hold a 30th Anniversary celebration on November 2nd, at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and I am hoping to be there for what should be a splendid evening.  Tickets, I believe, are still available.

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