Wednesday, October 17, 2012

#290 / Environmeddlers

In The Environmeddlers, Santa Cruz author Michael A. Lewis is using fiction to grapple with the economic and environmental crises we face. I enjoyed the book, and noted hints that Lewis thinks that Santa Cruz, California may be a "Place of Power." Anyway, the community in which I live is featured in the book. Also found in The Environmeddlers is this exchange, indicating an appreciation of that "Two World Hypothesis" that I think provides helpful assistance as we all attempt to grapple with the crises of this time: 

Clovis broke the pregnant silence. 
We all understand how badly we're damaging the Earth, but we don't know what to do. Can you tell us how we can change the world? 
You can't change the world. That's impossible. The world is what it is. What you can do is change your world... [pages 248-249; emphasis added].

Our world is not "the" world, but it is "a" world. It is the world we most immediately inhabit, and it is a world over which we exert complete dominion. 

If we are smart, we will change "our" world to conform to the limits and requirements of the World of Nature, which in Lewis' construction is "the" world. That world, the World of Nature, is the world upon which all life ultimately depends.

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