Friday, August 24, 2012

#236 / The Meadow

From Nature's Point of View

With half a bottle of rum in his hand, Ray made a lateral sweeping gesture, like he was using the jug to brush a fly off the table, only there wasn't any table. "They ought to e-rase the human race and put something good on here. When I get down to hell I've got a few questions for that Devil, real sticklers, like how come they let people into this world when it would have been perfect without them. I mean if you imagine the natural world without the human race, you are thinking of something perfect, perfectly balanced, that just keeps on going. Only thing as messes it up is the people. Especially when they try to manage things...."

This was one of the books on Philips' bookshelf in his camp. Click on the image for a review. Click right here to take a quick look inside.


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