Friday, June 22, 2012

#173 / One With Everything

The Dalai Lama went into a pizza shop.
"What can I get you," the attendant asked?
"Well," said the Dalai Lama,
"Can you make me one with everything?"

This stupid joke was actually told to the Dalai Lama himself, by an Australian news reader. You can see it on YouTube.

It seems clear to me that we truly
are "one with everything," in an ultimate sense (including all those microbes), but we have uniquely separated ourselves from the larger Creation. We live most immediately in a world of our own making.

It's embarrassing, sometimes, when we get an inkling of just how far out of touch we are with the more profound realities that surround us.

As I hope that Australian news reader finally figured out.

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  1. We are never out of touch with the all that is.

    How can the Universe not be itself?


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