Thursday, May 31, 2012

#151 / Teach The Forest

"Teach The Forest" is a group of students and faculty at UCSC which is trying to engage the University community in a discussion about the future of the natural areas still left on the UCSC North Campus. There is some pretty spectacular redwood forest still left, as you can see in the picture by Ken Duret. Click on the link (or on the image) for the "Teach The Forest" Facebook page.

I am informed that the "Teach The Forest" idea comes from a successful "Teach The Budget" effort at the University. This effort was apparently quite successful in helping to illuminate the impacts of the state's budgetary decisions on the future of higher education in California.

We do need to "Teach The Natural World," in all its details:

  • "Teach The Forest."
  • "Teach The Oceans."
  • "Teach The Rivers."
If we don't learn quickly that we depend on Nature, and not the other way around, the consequences are not going to be good.

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