Tuesday, May 29, 2012

#149 / No Oil

Global warming is more than an "inconvenient" truth. Human-caused global warming is putting our lives at risk. All over the world, people are gathering together and are demanding that we do something about it. Click on the images to get the message en espaƱol.

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  1. Human-caused global warming is not putting our lives at risk

    Global average surface temperature is but one factor in overall global climate(s). Global warming is not the same thing as climate change.

    Climate change is not human-caused. While human activities may contribute to climate variation, especially at the local level, humans are not "causing" the earth to warm. Only the sun can do that.

    Greenhouse gases, such as water vapor, CO2 and MH4, absorb energy and reradiate it in the atmosphere, most of which escapes to space. While this may contribute to temporary warming of the earth's terrestrial surface, it does not cause the earth as a whole to warm up.

    The earth's climates have been changing continuously for millions of years in the absence of human agency. Observed increases in global average surface temperature are the result of cosmic and geophysical cycles hundreds to thousands of years in length. There is no evidence to suggest that human activity is changing this fact in any perceivable way.


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