Tuesday, May 1, 2012

#122 / Trust Me #2

I used to have one of those rocks with "trust" printed on it, just like in the picture. I thought that trust was something to work for and to aspire to. Now, according to this recent article in the Wall Street Journal, I find out that "trust" is just a matter of somatic chemistry.

Check out the article if you don't believe me. Researcher Paul J. Zak thinks that he has discovered a "trust molecule," and that "trust," in the future, may not have to be "earned," but can be injected.

Why do I think that there are probably going to be some "black swans" flying around in the middle of that theory?

The total transformation of what has always been considered to be "human nature," by the ingestion or injection of just the right amount of a chemical cocktail, strikes me as magical thinking: we get all the benefits of a better society, with none of the work we used to think was necessary.

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