Wednesday, April 18, 2012

#109 / Superbugs

The "Natural Society" is dedicated to organic, non-synthetic, and non-pharmaceutical avenues to good health. One of their recent articles on "superbugs," and how the craze for hand sanitizers may be spurring the superbugs on, was illustrated by the picture I have used with this post. I like the picture!

In fact, the world of Nature does resist the human claim that human efforts and endeavors are able to eliminate the features of the natural world that humans sometimes find either irksome or even threatening in a more substantial way. If we can keep in mind that any new reality we create is ultimately dependent on the world of nature, that may be the best "antidote" to lots of problems, and particularly to one of the truly great afflictions to which humans are susceptible: namely, an excess of overweening pride!

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