Thursday, April 12, 2012

#103 / Less

The "recycler's hierarchy" goes this way:
  1. Reduce
  2. Reuse
  3. Recycle
Lots of us jump to number three in the list. In fact, as I put out the family recycling for a morning pickup last Monday I could hardly push the cart because it was so heavy. Lots of "recycling" there.

Recycling is better than nothing, but what we really need is "less." That ought to be a life ambition, socially and personally. It would be a kind of turnaround. Don't you think we probably do need to turn around, and head some other direction? That's my thought. I think we need to do that for lots of reasons. If we don't we will continue to do permanent damage to the natural world upon which we all ultimately depend.

I haven't read the book pictured, but the title goes with today's topic. Bookshop Santa Cruz can connect you with lots of books on this theme, including Living More With Less.


  1. Living with less also includes buying books! Support our public libraries!

    When standing at the abyss, with our toes hanging out over the edge, we have two choices. We either step carefully backwards away from the edge. Or we turn around a take a step forward.

  2. I REALLY like that, Michael: Let's "turn around and take a step forward!"


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