Sunday, January 1, 2012

#1 / Just A Little Title Change

The observant reader will note a little change to my title. As of January 1, 2012, the title of this blog is no longer "Two Worlds / 365." Now, it's just plain "Two Worlds." The way this blogging program works, the title change I make today reaches back in time, and retrospectively alters the title under which I have made every past posting. There have been, incidentally, 736 such postings, not counting this one.

Originally, my blog was titled "Abrazos / 365," with reference to a favorite book by Eduardo Galeano. I began the effort in January of 2009, but by the end of that year I had to confess that the "/ 365" part hadn't really worked out. Despite my good intentions, I just didn't get around to writing something down and posting it each day.

I did a lot better in 2010 and 2011. For the last two years, I have fulfilled my commitment to make a daily posting.

Going forward, while I am not planning to make any big changes, I am relieving myself of that "/365" commitment. I continue to think that it is helpful to consider how we live, simultaneously, in two different worlds, the world of Nature, upon which we are ultimately dependent, and a human world, which we create ourselves, and which is the immediate "reality" in which we live. I hope to continue to think about and explore the interaction of these two worlds.

I like the picture at the top of this posting, which is, in fact, an artistic exploration of the "Two Worlds" relationship. You can click on the image to get a web reference. The art work is called Non-Sign II. It was commissioned by the United States government, designed by artists Annie Han and Daniel Mihalyo, and executed by Lead Pencil Studio. It has been placed at the U.S. - Canadian border near Vancouver.

The world of Nature, upon which we ultimately depend, seems framed by (and defined by) the world that we have made ourselves.

I think, perhaps, we've got it backwards!


  1. That's quite an accomplishment, Gary! To do much of anything EVERYday is a challenge. Your theme is really so interesting and I imagine it is a very good meditation to pursue as days go past. It's really wonderful to have a focus like that. I find writing a blog to be expanding for myself. I have no idea if anyone else finds it interesting. As far as your posts go, I really enjoy them and they often allow me to see things in a different way.

  2. You are so nice to say these nice things! I agree with your observations, and perhaps particularly agree with your comment on the "self-expansion" aspect of this discipline (on whatever frequency it's carried out).

    I absolutely find your blog(s) to be extremely enjoyable, and very interesting, and it's not just because you are my sister. As you may remember, I have talked a couple of times about the "Next Blog >>" phenomenon. I find myself amazed, sometimes, by the thoughtful and inspiring, and humorous, and insightful comments that appear in the blogs of people I don't even know. Each one of us is such a "piece of good news," and this medium makes it possible, in fact, to "read all about it." That is certainly true when I tune in to your blog!

    I am going to try, this year, to follow up on my insight, during 2011 (#81), that my blog entries might well be considered "Notes For A Book." It will be interesting to see how it goes. Philips, as you may know, has actually published a first novel (using the modern self-publishing, print on demand, techniques that I imagine that I will try, if I ever get to the end of the "maybe I will write a book" story.

    Love and all the best for a Happy New Year!


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