Tuesday, January 3, 2012

#3 / Earthlights

Those who have registered on Facebook know that all of its users will shortly have to react to a major reconfiguration of the Facebook program, which will require each user to make a personal "timeline" the fundamental organizing principle of that person's Facebook presentation. Facebook wants its users to "tell their life story with a new kind of profile." It all starts with a "Cover" page, which is supposed to be a "unique image that represents you best."

I have chosen the "Earthlights" photo, shown here, as my Facebook "Cover." We live in the world of Nature, but we create a different world, our human world, within the world of Nature upon which we are ultimately dependent. If we tend to forget that this is, in fact, our human situation, and that we are ultimately dependent on the world of Nature, the "Earthlights" photo should remind us.


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