Monday, December 26, 2011

#360 / Another Day Older And ...

Today, I am another day older, and ever more deeply indebted to friends, family and loved ones.

I am ever more grateful to be alive.

My birthday, always coming near the end of the year, is my "reminder note" that a new cycle is about to begin. We have "tons" to do, next year!


  1. Happy Birthday, Gary!

    What a wonderful time of year to celebrate your natalicium! Here's to many more to come.

  2. Michael: I truly appreciate these good wishes, and appreciate your assistance at the station, and the great work that you and Jean are doing in the community. I understand you have big changes coming next year, and I hope it will be wonderful! All the best.

  3. I hope I can work with you on a run for Supervisor.
    I want to see your vision for a Garden City in a Sustainable Environment with support and respect for the people who live and work here.
    We need an environmental perspective on the Board.
    If I can't get you to run again, I guess I will need to try.
    Thank you for the training in CEQA and your great model of effective environmental activism.

  4. Best wishes for the New Year, Charles! My Supervisorial days are over, though I appreciate your thought, and I wouldn't want to make a change in the First District. I think a little bit of continuity there would be important, in view of what's on the horizon in the Second and the Fifth!


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