Wednesday, November 16, 2011

#320 / Indoor-Outdoor #2

The photos here are from the website of the Bay Area Ridge Trail Council. Having grown up in the Bay Area, I am naturally attracted to the trail-building ambitions of the Council. Plus, my son Philips is a trail-maker. He writes, produces videos, and studies Zen Buddhism, too (among other things). In one of his writings, I noted this claim: "I grew up in Santa Cruz, California. Now, I live in the woods."

However he reached this point (and I am not sure it was the result of any conscious intention), I am proud to say that my son has obviously understood the challenge to reality that I discussed in my posting yesterday. And he got there without any direction from me. Philips is not the kind of guy who does what his father says, just because his father says it. I was that kind of a guy, and it worked for me. Philips is making his own trail. That's working for him.

Philips started out deeply immersed in the world of computers, and computer games, and in fact published an Atari Magazine that he sent nationwide, long before he was in high school. He has ended up staking his life on the world Nature. As I say, that's working for him. I think it would work for all of us.

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