Friday, October 7, 2011

#280 / Bat Signal

According to the Wikipedia article on this topic, the Bat Signal, or Bat Sign, is "a distress signal ... appearing in ... various interpretations of the Batman mythos." It is, in short, a cry for assistance, a warning that all is not right in Gotham City.

Luckily, in the Batman mythos, Batman always does respond - and responds in time. Good order is restored.

In late breaking news from the real world, our friends the bats are sending out a signal of distress. White Nose Syndrome is decimating bat populations, and while scientists are trying to help, it is not yet clear that any timely and effective response will be forthcoming, in answer to this cry for assistance.

Who cares about bats? Well, who thinks the natural world is all of a piece, and that when things go wrong for bats, and the good order of nature is disturbed, it is we who are in danger?

Raise your hands if you think that what happens to the world of Nature, and what happens to the bats, affects you, too!

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