Wednesday, July 27, 2011

#208 / Stop Playing Deaf

Eduardo Galeano (pictured), one of my favorite writers and thinkers, had this to say in The Rights of Nature, a little book I am (perhaps not so subtly) trying to persuade you to read:

The world is painting still lifes, forests are dying, the poles are melting, the air is becoming unbreathable, and the water undrinkable, flowers and food are becoming increasingly plastic, and the sky and Earth are going absolutely insane.

At the same time, a country in Latin America, Ecuador, is debating a new constitution that opens up the possibility for the first time ever of recognizing the Rights of Nature.

Nature has a lot to say, and it has long been time for us, her children, to stop playing deaf. Maybe even God will hear the cry rising from this Andean country and add an 11th amendment, which he left out when he handed down instructions from Mount Sinai: "Love Nature, which you are a part of."

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