Saturday, July 23, 2011

#204 / In God We Trust

There is a question whether the provisions in our Constitution that require a "separation between Church and State" might not really require a redesign of our money.

My own current preoccupation is not with this question, but with the hot topic in the news: will the United States government default on its obligation to pay its debts? There seems an odds on chance that the answer is "yes."

In fact, we do not trust "God" where government is concerned. We rely on and trust (or hope we can trust) the honesty, integrity, and good judgment of those we elect to represent us. A government that repudiates its obligation to pay its debts (yes, I charged it on my credit card, but I am not going to pay the bill) has forfeited its authority and legitimacy.

What's the remedy when our elected officials do that?

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