Friday, July 15, 2011

#196 / Capital Strike

There are those who believe (I am not one of them) that the "capitalist" class, the owners of the wealth of this country and the world, are being treated shabbily by the United States government. People with this view (and they seem to have quite a following in the Congress) think it's just fine for capital to "strike."

Hey, if you don't think we're important (and that you ought to do what we want) then we just won't invest any more money in your economy, and we'll show you! That's basically the idea of a "capital strike."

To me, this sounds very much like what's going on in this country today. We have bailed out the bankers (no banker left behind) but the money managers of America are still not satisfied. We are experiencing, economically, what could appropriately be called a "capital strike," or (to continue the labor analogy) a capital "sitdown" or "slowdown."

It appears that the owning class in America is willing to let the whole country go to hell, economically, because they want to be in charge, and because they want a different President. Some of us think the "capitalists" are pretty much already in charge, and that our current President is all too accommodating. I guess we are wrong. As this posting goes public, the "capitalists" of our country (and their supporters in the Congress) appear to be ready to repudiate this nation's obligation to pay its debts. They'll go down with the ship, too, but at least we will know who is really important!

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