Wednesday, July 13, 2011

#194 / The Oil Century

There is a pretty good argument that the 20th Century was dominated by oil. NPR did a show, in fact, called "A Salute To The Oil Century." Frankly, that sounds a little too "positive" to me. I don't feel much like saluting.

How about a show titled, "Do Oil Companies Rule The World?" Or, do we already know the answer to that?

Click the link for a review of the "Oil Century" that can send shivers up your spine.

I am interested in finding ways that we can make fundamental changes to the "political" world for which we are responsible. That world really is a world that has been created, over the last hundred years, of, by, and for the oil companies. And they are still in charge!

Daunting as it might be to get a bead on the vast powers of the oil industry, and their influence over the politics that determines our most immediate reality, I think it's good to know what we are up against!

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