Sunday, March 13, 2011

#72 / Transfiguration

In calling for a transformation of our politics and "our" world, Bishop Desmond Tutu used the word "transfiguration."

That word does have a general meaning, as well as a meaning that references a specific story from the Bible, a miracle unique in that it is said to have occurred to Jesus, as opposed to having been performed by Jesus.

In the political context, the general meaning is good enough: a change in form or appearance; an an exalting ... change.

As a religious man, speaking in a Christian church on Sunday, in a "sermon," Tutu used the word "transfiguration" advisedly, letting us know that the exalting and transforming changes we yearn for are available to us. In fact, it is we who have the power to transform our world.

No outside assistance is required. The miracle starts here.

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