Friday, February 11, 2011

#42 / Glum Or Glad?

I saw an old acquaintance on Wednesday. He did acknowledge my smile, but not with any enthusiasm. He looked quite glum. Then he drove off.

Probably, he had a lot to be glum about. So don't we all? At least, that's my view. Things are pretty bad, in general, from the economy to the environment, and I think most of us could stake a claim to glum. And that's not even counting a few people I know who really have a legitimate claim to be glum: people with life threatening illnesses; people experiencing personal economic disasters; that sort of thing. Not that these people are usually as glum as they have a right to be. Sometimes, they are, I suppose, but they are often surprisingly upbeat!

Maybe they have been reading SARK (pictured). I read in the paper on that same Wednesday morning about SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy). She has a book out called Glad No Matter What.

That is not a bad prescription, given the alternatives. Glum or glad? Given the choice, it's glad and gratitude for me!

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