Saturday, February 5, 2011

#36 / Our Humpty Dumpty World

Last night, (Friday), I was in Berkeley, at the Freight & Salvage Coffeehouse, for the Arhoolie Records' 50th Anniversary Celebration. Events continue today (Saturday) and tomorrow (Sunday). Click either the Freight & Salvage or the Arhoolie Records link for ticket information, for an explanation of what this is all about, and for a schedule of events, which includes some free events on both Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

Pictured is Ry Cooder, who played Vigilante Man, and No Banker Left Behind, a song which may or may not have been performed before. Cooder also played a song called It's A Humpty Dumpty World, which Cooder identified as a brand new song. All three of these songs spoke eloquently to this moment in our history and common life, what with the meltdown of our financial system (but with no banker left behind), political vigilantism in Arizona, and the challenge to all of us to see, just maybe, if we can ... put our Humpty Dumpty world back together again.

It's recommended!

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