Friday, January 21, 2011

#21 / A Workout Strategy

Getting "back in shape" is a lot of work. On the personal level, trips to the gym may well be called for. You could call that an "investment." You could also do it at home, with no new expenditures for gym fees, or so I'm told!

On the collective level, financial advisers and analysts talk about a "workout strategy," too.

If our government were functioning as it should, a debate and discussion about what elements to include in a "workout strategy" for our society would be at the top of our political agenda.

Looked at in this way, a "workout strategy" discussion is exactly what Governor Brown has in mind, as he is promoting a conversation with both the Legislature and the public about how best to address California's horrible fiscal situation.

Reduced consumption and increased taxes are both parts of a balanced "workout."

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