Wednesday, December 29, 2010

361 / Lessons Of Vietnam

Henry Kissinger did a memo for President Gerald Ford, never actually presented to him. Kissinger entitled the memo, "Lessons of Vietnam." A copy of the memo can be seen by clicking on the link. Lots of other people have also pontificated on the "lessons" we might learn from the Vietnam War.

I refused induction into the Army in 1968 because of my refusal to participate in the Vietnam War (or in any other war, for that matter). The "lessons" of Vietnam are very clear to me, and they can, in fact, be reduced to a single "lesson." No plural is needed. It is a "lesson" that I believe is generally applicable. Applicable to other wars; applicable to other situations; applicable to individuals; applicable to nations:

When you have made a mistake,
When you are going down the wrong road,
When you are going the wrong way,
You have to turn around.

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