Monday, November 22, 2010

324 / Economic Democracy

I do, somewhat, actually follow my own advice with respect to searching for the Next Blog>>, and I ran across a blog recently called Building The Third Way, Economic Democracy for the New Millennium.

In terms of possible alternative futures that we might choose to construct, let's think about the list posted by "Larry," who has authored Building The Third Way.

  • Worker-owned cooperatives instead of corporations
  • Family-owned enterprises and sole-proprietorships
  • A market economy in its proper role in society
  • Economic councils that would allow for mutual
  • Community-owned enterprises
  • Investment provided by public sources, rather than private capital
  • Extensive support by local, state, and federal governments
Wikipedia has an extensive write-up on "economic democracy," but I associate the concept with the Campaign For Economic Democracy, or CED, a California-based political movement led by Tom Hayden in the 1970's, which traces its sources back to The Port Huron Statement, and which requires, as a precondition, the kind of "participatory democracy" that is what a genuine politics is all about.

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