Friday, October 22, 2010

293 / Nature And Nurture

The November/December 2010 edition of Sierra Magazine has an article entitled, "The Nature of Transformation - What's It Take For Outdoor ED To Change A Life?" That article contains a reference to biologist E.O. Wilson (pictured), stating that Wilson believes that human beings are "hardwired to seek out connections with the natural world."

Reading through Wikipedia on Wilson convinces me that I've found a new addition to my book list, as I continue to pursue the idea that we "live in two worlds."

I think I will begin this line of research with Wilson's Pulitzer Prize-winning book, On Human Nature, in which Wilson is said to argue that the human mind is shaped as much by genetic inheritance as it is by culture (if not more).

Depending on exactly what Wilson says, his thoughts could well be consistent with my view that we are "ultimately" dependent on the World of Nature, a world we did not create, though we live most "immediately" in a human world that we do create, and that is as infinitely malleable as we know that human culture can be.

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