Tuesday, September 28, 2010

269 / Metaphor #2

Environmental activist and author Adam Werbach has written a book called Extinction/Adaptation. The cute little fellow shown in the image is an axolotl, which is reportedly able to regrow limbs, and even its heart, if injured.

"For my purposes," says Werbach, "I'm interested in the axolotl as a metaphor..." Click on the image to read the whole article, in today's San Francisco Chronicle.

The situation of the axolotl, according to Werbach, is much like the "predicament that humans will face." Werbach identifies this predicament as the challenge of "living in a changed world, in a new way."

Axolotls get placed in this predicament by the actions of humans. Humans are creating their own predicament.

To my mind, it would be great if humans could grow a new, more generous, heart.

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