Saturday, September 25, 2010

266 / Secrets

I bet that I am not the only person who thinks that "secrecy" in government is pretty much incompatible with "democracy" in government.

Democracy means that we are supposed to debate and discuss what we want to do, collectively, and then make a decision, after all that debate and discussion, as a way to move from conflict and controversy to the "legislation" that will ultimately create the world we inhabit. So, how can we actually do that if we don't have the facts?

President Obama, who was elected, many believe, because he inspired hope that we might achieve a more democratic government in these United States, has not seen fit to let the people in on the governmental secrets that are apparently the justification for the current practice of the United States government to direct the killing of U.S. citizens without trial, and without accountability.

Hard to believe that is happening, isn't it? But it is happening, if today's San Jose Mercury News has got the story right.


  1. Thanks for your blog! I'm glad Bruce posted a link so that we can have the advantage your "deep thoughts," which we don't get so much of on the radio. I'm sure I stand for a thousand readers who won't comment. Thank you for this and all you do for our community. Sue


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