Thursday, September 23, 2010

264 / Story Time

I like to say that we "legislate" the human world in which we most immediately live.

You can also say that we "dream" our world into existence. After the Holocaust, however, we know that it is not just "dreams,"but nightmares, too, that we can bring into the world of reality and make into fact.

Another way of getting to the same thought is to talk about "telling ourselves a story." We tell ourselves the story of our lives, and by doing so, create the world in which we live.

That this "works" is evident from the fact that we now have consultants whose specialty is providing advice to businesses on how to "tell," and "sell," the story they want people to believe, and by doing to so create the business they want to have.

There was an article about just this idea in yesterday's edition of the San Jose Mercury News.

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