Wednesday, August 4, 2010

215 / Peak Water

Our "peak water" problem is similar to but a bit different from our "peak oil" problem.

We are running out of oil, and that's good, at least in some ways, since our oil scarcity problem may help stimulate a transition to sustainable energy practices that don't advance global warming. Global warming is real. It's a human-generated change in our natural environment that is putting life on the planet (and certainly our civilization) in mortal danger.

Finding and using water, as opposed to finding and using oil, isn't automatically bad for the world of Nature. But just as in the case of "peak oil," the water shortage crisis that is called "peak water" puts our civilization in peril.

What imperils our world? Building our civilization on the assumption that the limits found in the world of Nature, the "laws" of Nature, can be disregarded or ignored.

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  1. well-said. at some point, we must begin to live within our watershed footprint... i'm not sure that civilization ever actually has.


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