Wednesday, June 30, 2010

180 / Water

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Click on the picture if you'd like information on how the City of Santa Cruz and the Soquel Creek Water District are planning jointly to build and operate a desalination plant, using water from the Monterey Bay to provide drought protection, reduce groundwater overdraft, and to support the water needs of new growth.

The way these public agencies see it, we are not going to be pouring water into the ocean, as a normal viewing of the picture suggests. Quite the contrary! The ocean is going to be filling our water jugs!

I wish it were all so magically effortless, as the image would imply, once you start seeing the water as jumping from the ocean into the bottle.

There are quite a few problems with the proposed "desalination solution" to our local water crisis (or crises, more accurately). One way to think about it is that this proposed solution to our water problems will once again have us increasing the supply of something we need by stressing the natural environment. It is typical for us to support the growth of our human created world at the "expense" of nature, as opposed to living within the limits that the world of nature sets.

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