Friday, June 25, 2010

175 / Worried Are The Peacemakers

I often find that my thoughts synch up nicely with the morning columns of Jon Carroll. That was certainly true on Thursday morning. Having just issued my entry #174, focusing on "peacemaking" in a world dominated by fears of terrorism, I was happy to read Carroll's "Worried Are The Peacemakers" column in the Thursday edition of the San Francisco Chronicle.

If you are not a Jon Carroll fan, and faithful reader, I do commend his columns. Click on the title link for a sample. I read the paper version, but Carroll's columns are definitely available online.

As to the merits of what Jon Carroll says about the perils of peacemaking in the shadow of the United States Supreme Court, please let me note my agreement. For those so inclined, you can get a copy of the full opinion of the Court in Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project by clicking here.

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