Tuesday, April 6, 2010

95 / Politics

I have subscribed to the magazine "Politics" for years. The magazine used to be called "Campaigns & Elections," and the former title was perhaps more accurate, since the magazine is, essentially, a trade journal for campaign consultants, who make their livelihood advising candidates on how to win elections.

The word "politics," as I think of it, is really the study of political philosophy (as from the time of Plato), not with how to motivate swing voters with robocalls (i.e., political technique).

I am afraid that the word "politics," for many, really has become associated, now, with the technique of politics, not with its actual substance, which (in the spirit of Plato) is all about how we, acting together, can make collective decisions about the future, and about the world we construct together through our political choices.

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