Thursday, April 22, 2010

111 / Change We Can Believe In

During my time as an undergraduate student at Stanford University, by what really amounts to a kind of fluke, I ended up in an Honors Seminar in Social Thought and Institutions. The seminar group was about 15 students or so, and we met throughout our entire Junior year with about five or six faculty members from history and the social sciences - truly inspirational teachers, by the way. The group read about, discussed and studied one word - for the entire Junior year. In your senior year, you wrote an honor's thesis related to this one word topic.

In our year, the word was "Utopia," and my thesis (which it took me an extra year to write, so I graduated a year later than I should have) was titled, "The Future of Change In America."

Ever since then, I have been looking for "change I could believe in."

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