Tuesday, April 20, 2010

109 / Under Weigh #2














I have always been a "theoretical" sort of a guy. Being "realistic" has always seemed to me to be a short shrift approach. The "possibilities" are more compelling, often, than the existing "facts." Something that is not a "fact" today, can be a "fact" tomorrow, after we do what is necessary to create that new reality. 

Using a well worn and yet still appropriate metaphor, we can always steer our "ship of state" towards a new destination. Of course, if we do want to do that, turning the tiller is not enough. First we make the turn. Then we have to "stay the course." Hang on

Since former President George W. Bush used that "stay the course" language on more than one occasion, it may have been discredited among thoughtful people everywhere. It's worth reviving, but let's just be sure that the "course" we chart is taking us to somewhere we want to go.


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