Sunday, April 18, 2010

107 / Satyagraha

"Satyagraha" means "clinging to the truth." That's the word that Gandhi would have used to describe the actions of e.e. cummings' conscientious objector. That activity of "clinging to the truth" is the basic engine of nonviolence, and nonviolence is, in fact, what might be called a "political theory," a possible way for human beings to make decisions where profound differences exist.

My introduction to Gandhi came through his autobiography, The Story Of My Experiments With Truth. What struck me most were the two related opposites that Gandhi insisted upon: (1) Truth exists; there is "a" Truth; (2) None of us knows what it is. Therefore, we need to "experiment" and "experience" to find the way towards Truth.

This bumper sticker advisory captures the concept:
There Is No Way To Peace. Peace Is The Way.
This little phrase to contain a philosophy didn't start out as a bumper sticker. A.J. Muste said that. You could look it up; just click the link.

And while you are thinking about it, reconnect with those blind men and the elephant.

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