Tuesday, April 13, 2010

102 / Reconnecting

The latest edition of In These Times magazine has an article on how to turn despair into social activism. According to Joanna Macy, the first step is "reconnecting" our lives to the world.

Social activism creates "our" world. I am convinced of that.

If we are unable to create the kind of world we want, because our despair has made us powerless to act, then making sure that we are connected to the world of Nature, upon which the world we create is ultimately dependent, does seem to be a a logical first step.

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  1. I agree! Time and time again I have to remember to make the time to connect, but it always helps. I hear this from other people too--that when they get still and try to imagine a way out of their current suffering or anxiety or despair, that this is the oh so simple step they know they can take to reconnect to joy or a sense of peace--even in the midst of life's worst moments.

    The challenge is to remember...

    And the miners lettuce grows giant as teacup saucers, green as emeralds under the oaks that line the forest path this wet spring...

    We come back.

    --Jessica Wolf


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