Tuesday, February 16, 2010

47 / Connectivity

In my "real" life in Santa Cruz, California, I rely on instant "connectivity." My iPhone gives me internet access virtually everywhere. Computers with larger screens, at home and at work, mean that I am always "on."

I thought it could be the same while traveling. In many ways, both Europe and Asia have internet technologies that are actually in advance of those in the United States.

The bus company ALSA, for instance, one of the largest in Spain, provides a "super" service connecting Madrid and Granada, which not only provides onboard movies, and a live assistant to cater to your needs, but also wireless internet access right at your seat.

I got the wireless to appear on my computer and iPhone, and "bien fuerte," very strong (five bars). In fact, though, despite the bars, there was "limited or no connectivity."

This posting is late.

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