Friday, February 12, 2010

43 / No Pigeons

The Piazza San Marco, in the heart of Venice, is known for its pigeons. They're dangerous, I'm told, and and their abundant discharges can soil an otherwise happy experience.

It's my first trip to Venice, and I am having no problems with pigeons. This being Carnevale, the pigeons have been displaced by throngs of celebrating and bedecked strollers, not to mention the unbedecked hangers on (like me) who like to look.

The "purpose" of Carnevale in Venice, at least as far as I can tell, is to get yourself outfitted in the most arresting costume possible, hiding at all costs your true identity. You then saunter slowly along the streets, allowing the uncostumed multitudes to take your picture.

Group and individual categories clearly exist! Prizes for the best costumes!!

I went to see museums, and the Doge's Palace, and they were spectacular. But the real action this week is in the Piazza San Marco, and in the picturesque streets.

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